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            Hangzhou Guozhen WanXin Coating Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established in 2006, which is located at the production base of powder coating equipment--Hangzhou.
             We own a series of coating products under the registered trademark of "WanXin",which includes electrostatic powder coating guns, Automatci powder coating system, powder coating reciprocator,booths & ovens,and all kinds of powder gun accessories & parts. Besides,WX series flocking machines has won great market. 

             Under the great effort of our staffs and supports of clients from home and abroad, WX products have been updated, improved and diversified, . Products from WanXin has been distributed all corners domestically, and the network abroad covers over 70 countries and regions.
              Our company incorporates several consummate R&D professors, and our competition comes not only from our advanced production facility and testing equipments, but also from an in-time and perfect service to our client. Entrepreneurs in Wan Xin advocates the philosophy of advancing with times, mastering the outstanding production technique of foreign countries, which is the resources of market competition of WX
              Considering the road in future,Wan Xin ,we will stick to the principle & operation philosophy of " Quality comes first, Credit is everything" plus the " WanXin technology, Entire Journey Service", we will walk ahead with clients home and abroad for a more brilliant course in the coating field.

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