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Manual Powder Spray Booth
Double Sides Powder Srapy Booth(Manual Spray booth)

Powder Coating Spray Booth

- Features: easy to clean and chang colors

- Applications:

Manual powder coating spray booth is an enviromental treatment cabinet unit which was  used in powder coating production industry. 

with powder recovery system,which makes wasted powder automatically reclaimed on filters to reduce powder remove.

The booth was widely applied for manual powder coating production line.


- Material: Be made of cold-rolled sheet with surface powder coated, thickness:1.2mm



External Sizes:L6000 xH2200 xW1500mm

Filter Cartridge: 660X325mm x 8 pcs

Pressure air tank  x 1

Pulse electromagnetic valve x 8 pcs

dust flue 4mts x2 pcs

Centrifugal fan 5.5kw x 2sets

Explosion lighting lamp x4 pcs

Electrical Control Box x1unit

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