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Pneumatic Flocking Spray System
Pneumatic Flocking machine(WX-PR),it can be implanted in the electrostatic powder coating sense of the pile, flocked to the substrate complex shape is easy.

Pneumatic Flock Coating Machine


An electrostatic flocking system having a supply hopper for controllably entraining flock fibers within a propelling air stream, and for 

feeding the entrained fibers to an electrostatic flocking gun. The fibers and propelling air pass through the gun and into a nozzle at the front of the gun having an elongated forwardly open chamber. An elongated electrode is carried within the nozzle chamber 

and is coupled to a suitable electric power source for electrostatically charging the fibers and for directing them forwardly over the 

entire length of the chamber toward the surface of an article being coated.


Widely application: be good for flocking on automotive interiors, shoes, hangers, boxes,ceiling,wall etc.

Main Data

Power: 150W

Voltage: 220V/110V AC,50-60Hz

Output voltage: 0 ~ 100KV  Negative

Output current: 0~150μA 

Flocking area:No limited

Flock powder applicable range :0.5-1mm



Packing sizes:0.20CBM (by carton)


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