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Powder Coating Oven
LPG gas oven

Standard Sizes Powder Coating Oven

Dimensions:(L3000mm x W2000mmx H2000mm)
Heating Method:LPG
Oven body
Material:good insulating effect,energy saving.
inside of Insulation board be made of galvanized sheet,thickness 1mm,
Interlayer be padded of high quality rock wool.thickness 120mm
Outside of insulation board made of cold-rolled
sheet,thinckness 1mm. Surface paint sprayed.
Heating exchanger
Internal container :be made of stainless steel 3mm
thinckness, and insulation board 150mm thickness
Burner model:RS34/1, 200,000KCAL.
Thermal cycle Fan: 3KW ,380V AC three phase
Temprature Electrical box
With the digital indicator to control temperature and time
Temprature range:180 -250’C
Electrical Controller: to control on/off and working

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