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WX-958 Powder Coating System
Electrostatic Powder Coating system.-New Product in Special price. Be good at coating on complicated workpieces and deep corners.Very high electricity


Good price: Athought fine coating effects and quality high but price low!

Powder Gun: The gun body adopt the plastic composites,light in weight, feel good,the operator won't feel tired even thought long time work.
the gun shell and cascade are incorporated ,leakproof,no spark discarge

Control unit: double digital display,voltage and current regulate separately.



  • An manual powder gun with gun cable, powder hose, rinsing air tube and standard nozzles  
  • A kit of Powder Gun Spare Parts
  • A Powder Coating Control Unit 
  • A Powder Injector with venturi insert core
  • A Fluidized Powder Hopper 
  • A set of Trolley frame
  • Oil-water separator, Air pressure regulating valve, and Grounding wire

Technical Data 

Input Power : 50W

Input Power Voltage: 110V,220VAC ,50-60Hz

Output power voltage: 0 ~100KV Negative

Output Current: 0~150uA

Weight of Gun: 480g

Length of Gun Cable:4m

Powder Hopper Capacity:40L

Work temperature range: -10°C to 45°C


Packing Sizes: 42cm x 42cm x57cm

Gross weight:24kg


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