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WX-101V Vibrating Powder Coating System
This dual system be used on powder coating production which need frequently and quickly change colors ,it's designed use original powder box,minimal color change times,Save time.


The machine be used on powder coating production which need frequently and quickly change colors ,it's designed use original 

powder box,minimal color change times,Save time.


Technical Data

Input Voltage:110-120V AC,220-240V AC


Pneumatic Control voltage: 24V DC

Output powder volume: Max. 500g/min

Output power voltage: 0~ 100KV adjustable


Output current: 0-150uA

Weight of Powder Coating Gun :480g

Powder Gun Cable: 4m

Vibrator Motor: 75W

Work temperature range: -15°C - 40°C

Packing Details:

Packing Dimensions: 69cm x 48cm x 59cm

Net Weight:40KGS

Gross weight:43KGS by carton

           58KGS by wooden case

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