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PLC Touch screen Reciprocator
PLC Touch screen reciprocatorWX-SJP-2000

PLC Touch screen Powder Coating Reciprocator

Model: WX-SJP-2000


PLC touch screen reciprocator is used for smooth movements of Guns for Application of Powder Coating at Various Speeds & Stroke Length to Suit Conveyor speed & Jig Height Respectively.

The auto guns are mounted on an arm extended from a carriage. It is programmed to move in required stroke lengths & speeds depending on object height for up & down movements of guns & conveyor speed.



Stroke Length2.0m,2.5m,2.8m,3m

Output power: AC 380V, 50Hz

Power of Motor:750W

PLC Mitsubishi inverter 

Reciprocating speed0.08~0.8m/s ( Can be controlled by program)


Packing List

User Manual                 1

Power Line                  1

Aluminium alloy holding rod    1

Aluminium alloy gun rod       4

Aluminium alloy retaining clipInclude Screws

Reciprocator movable track   2


Packing volume:1.7CBM

Gross Weight: 280kgs ( packing with wooden case)

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