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WX-SFJ150 Automatic Powder Sieving System
Automatic powder powder recycle system for powder recovery ,which be used on autmatic powder coating line

Automatic Powder sieving system

The system is able to continuously sent the powder being dropped during the

process of spraying to the upper part of the butterfly powder screen and then

the selected powder is sent to the centralized powder supply barrel which is in

charge of continuously supplying powder to guns



Technical Data:

Power     750Watt
      Voltage    220Volt
      Frequency  50Hz

Density of Mesh:100,120 ( according to your requirement)

material of Powder sieve:Stainess Steel

Capacity of powder Fluidized Container:150L


Packing Sizes:112*91*75cm (0.76m³) 

Net weight:55KGS

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